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Operating Segments

Our platform operates in all spheres of the agricultural financing ecosystem.


We associate Geo IT, rural environmental registration and market data to support our client in agricultural financing in granting credit, mitigating risks and preventing fraud in their operations. All of it with agility and practicality, in one platform.


Daily images, climatic data and great processing capacity allows us to evaluate claims events, claims risks and agronomic conditions. Audsat's agricultural insurance solutions allow us to get to know better our costumer, reduce fraud and expand the coverage of rural insurance in Brazil.


Our valuation and guarantee management solutions allow a more thorough assessment of the conditions of rural properties, with access to a daily view of the performance of crops. In addition, we record the past, generating relevant information on the producer's history and data from past harvests.

What we do

We monitor the entire Brazilian territory to make it possible to expand the supply of resources and reduce costs in the agricultural financing ecosystem. Through our solutions, we facilitate access to new markets with security, reliability and agility.


The only company in Brazil to rely on the Planet nanosatellites constellation, Audsat also has a robust infrastructure to storing and processing large volumes of data. Understand how our business works:

Differentials flowchartDifferentials flowchart

Audsat in numbers

The numbers prove: Audsat is the most complete solution for your business.

4.2 millions

Images processments

790 TB

For algorithm training

250 thousand

Approved rural credt operations

32 millions

Of hectares of monitored area

15 billions

Registered rural credt operations


States of operation

Our Clients

For Audsat, it is essential to establish bonds in which the central point is confidence. Therefore each customer is an indispensable partner for the business. Meet institutions that already have our analytical intelligence.


Long-term partnerships are the centerpiece in the growth of our business.

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